THE VAMPIRE TAPES - Track by track

To be around you (2006) 

» A song I recorded in 2006, when Divan was the name of my band. With my fellow musicians Dago, Ward, Sigert and Wouter, we played a few years together and recorded 1 EP in 2004. Sweet memories! Afterwards, we started working on new songs, like this poprock'ish 'To be around you', a song about knowing you have to leave someone although you love him deeply. 

The do's & don'ts of dating Dorian Gray (2009) 

» When I studied at the Rockacademy in Tilburg, The Netherlands (from 2001 'til 2006), I met producers Tom van der Heijden and Niels Hahn. We combined our love for electro, synths, fuzzy guitars and electronics to start The Go Go Prophecy. Managed by Wendy Vanleeuw, the band played several clubs and festivals, like Suikerrock, Amsterdam Dance Festival, 10 Days Off, several obscure places in Wallonia and La Fleche d'Or in Paris. This particular song was a demo, making quirky jokes about the obsessions for eternal beauty, named after the well known novel 'The picture of Dorian Gray' by icon Oscar Wilde. 

Despite the facts (1997) 

» The oldest song on The Vampire Tapes is this 1997 demo. During my teenage years, I wrote a lot of poetry and songs to find a place for my sadness. Art was - and still is - my companion through the darkest hours. The death of my father when I was a kid became a recurring theme in my teenage writings. You hear some kind of resignation in my teenage voice, a feeling I cherished throughout the rest of my life. 

Welcome 'round my bonfire (1999) 

» Written on piano, later turned into this demo in my student house in Ghent, Belgium, in 1999. With my friend Servaas Bingé on electric guitar. 'Welcome 'round my bonfire' later became the title of a live album I recorded in 2001. It's a song about coming together, about love being shared. Kinda hippie, I guess. Kinda what I needed back then (and maybe I still do...). 

It takes a lot of drinks (2001) 

» Taken from that live album, this song about drinking alcohol sounds a little cabaret esque. Funny detail: I didn't drink any alcohol back then, so the whole vibe was made up by observation. 

Cool to have you here (2006) 

» The band Divan often used this song to start a concert, welcoming all who showed up. The lyrics are playful and a bit suggestive. When I found this demo, it reminded me what a great group of musicians I had to play my songs with. All of them still play music, on a professional level. 

Original Sin (2008) 

» A cover of one of my favorite songs, 'Original Sin' by INXS. It worked perfectly during live concerts, so we decided to make a recording of it, which stayed on the shelf for more than a decade, until now. Niels and Tom did some great instrumental and producing work, as always. One day, we should do a little reunion. Go back to that barn in the harbor of Harlem or that cabin in the woods around Tilburg, stay there to write and record without a notion of time. Who knows... 

I love you 50-50 (2004) 

» Together with my longtime friend Gerhardt (check out his music on Spotify!), I played this song early in the morning at the Radio 2 studio in my hometown Ghent, promoting some concerts Gerhardt and I were about to play in the following days. I think it's still a catchy song. Maybe we should make a 2022 version of it, what do you think, G.?  

My hurricane of love (2001) 

» Recorded live in 2001, this ballad described quite literally my first time being in love. I was sixteen, in the South of France, with the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. The knowledge he was straight couldn't stop the things I felt, the fact that he kissed me didn't help to think rationally... The inevitable end was a mixture of feelings. Gratitude for the adventures we had, tears for what was never to come back. Still love to sing this song live.  

Muse me, amuse me (2004) 

» For years, this was the closing song of my live sets, solo or as a band. '"Love songs for straight guys, chapter 57..." I teased him with this song, covering it with details only he understands.  

Glittering (2004) 

» Taken from the 2004 Divan EP 'Take me home', this song is about comfort, about making peace with how things are. 

What's cooking in the house of quoi?


Today, October 29ht 2021, the new single 'Despite the Facts' is out on all platforms! The songs, recorded in 1997 (!), is the first single of my upcoming rarities-album 'The Vampire Tapes'. It contains demo's, live versions, unreleased tracks and remixes.  

Please give my 17 years old self a listen and let me know what you think:

Hello 2021! 

After intensive hibernation, I'm awake. Alive and kicking in my lockdown shelter, aka the perfect setting to write and record new songs. On March 31st, 'I Don't Wanna Wanna Dance' will be the single for the upcoming 'Ball' EP (release date tbc). If you wanna get in the mood: check the new merch at our store.

Release date finally set: June 19! 

We know: it took a while! But finally the release date for 'The Gay Tapes' is set. June 19th, the ten songs will appear on all digital streaming platforms. And when the corona beast is defeated, we'll set a date for the physical release. Pre-order 'The Gay Tapaes' here.

In the coming weeks, we'll reveal the tracklist, tell you more about each song, bomb you with snippets, etc. But for now, here's the album cover:

Picture by Frédéric Bourda
Make-up by Adrian Sack

NEW SINGLE 'The Way It Was' - APRIL 17 

The new single 'The Way It Was' drops April 17th. It's the last single before 'The Gay Tapes' will be released in May. Theme colour for the new single is blue (after green, orange and yellow). Here's the Facebook header we just uploaded:

What are we doing 

What are we doing right now? Well... We're preparing the release of the album. We're rehearsing for a cosy summer gig at Gentse Feesten, July 26. We're making plans for a little tour in the fall. We're recording new podcasts. And we're enjoying life, being grateful with who we can call our friends and looking forward to new encounters. 

Stay tuned, beautiful creatures,


Divan & the House of Quoi

Springtime, baby! 

Yes yes yes! Spring is here, new single is here, new website is here! So, where the hell is my new boyfriend? Anyways... Please enjoy 'Drag Queens in Limousines' on all Digital Streaming Platforms. In a few days, we drop the video on YouTube. But for now, the audio on repeat is all you need ;-)

'Drag Queens in Limousines' is originally written and performed by the great Mary Gauthier. I met her, for the second time in my life, a few months ago in Amsterdam, where she performed in a beautiful church. Afterwards, I went to the merch table and told her how much her music meant to me and that I made my own version of her epic song. After sending her the reording, she sent me this:


I love it! 

I’m happy you recorded it, thank you! 


Can you imagine how proud and thrilled I am? Hope you all like my version too. 

Take care, beautiful creaturs,

x Divan

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     Me & Mary Gauthier